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    VAM Premium Connections contain state-of-the-art, high-performance threads and seals. To obtain maximum value from your OCTG investment, it is wise to insist that a VAM North America Field Service Representative is on hand to ensure your tubulars are in good condition and are run safely and economically.

    On-site Inspection

    A VAM North America Field Service Representative can be available to inspect VAM tubulars and connections either in your storage yard, or at your rig.

    • Upon delivery, or at any time during storage he will check for damage which could have occurred during transportation and recommend the proper handling and storage procedures for these tubulars.

    On-site Running Assistance

    • In addition to verifying the condition of threads and seals prior to running, the VAM North America Field Service Representative also ensures that the make-up and running of joints is conducted in a safe and efficient manner, and in accordance with approved procedures.
    • He will save running time and minimize rejection of tubulars.
    • He will also monitor the make-up of all accessories and equipment necessary for running the strings successfully.

    Running Equipment

    • VAM North America provides assistance in the supply of running equipment

    Office locations:
    VAM USA 19210 East Hardy Rd. Houston, TX 77073 PH: 281-821-5510
    VAM Services 121 Thruway Park, Broussard, LA 70518 PH: 337-837-8721