VAM SLIJ-II is an integral casing joint machined on plain-end non-upset pipe. The design combines a near-flush OD with high tensile efficiencies and stronger structural integrity. The connection is ideal for production and intermediate casing, liner and tie-back applications in all types of wells.


  • Generous running clearances
  • High tension & compression strength
  • 100% Pipe Body burst and collapse
  • User friendly

Generous running clearances

  • Box is expanded and turned down to ODs that are typically 2% to 3% over the diameter of the pipe.

High tension and compression strength

  • Thread design incorporates broad critical sections that develop tension efficiencies of 70% to 80% of the pipe body yield strength.
  • Thread form and 90° Middle torque shoulder contribute to high compression strength, equal to 70% of the joint strength in tension.

Great structural integrity

  • The new compound tapered cylindrical thread form design utilizes four planes to optimize stresses throughout the connection.
  • The negative 10° hooked thread profile securely locks connection and prevents jump-out under high tension, even in the most severe conditions of over-doping.

100% Pipe Body burst and collapse

  • A unique combination of internal and external metal-to-metal seals prevent pressures from entering the connection, ensuring connection pressure ratings greater than or equal to the pipe body ratings.

DEA-27 tested

  • VAM SLIJ passed the severe DEA 27 6 samples test procedure for flush and semi flush connectors.

User friendly

  • VAM SLIJ-II was specially developed to withstand severe excess of thread compound (over-doping).
  • The connection stabs deep, with no risk of cross threading. Make-up is easy and controlled by the 90° Stop shoulder.