DINO VAM joint is a cost effective T&C connection for surface and intermediate casing applications. DINO VAM connection was specifically designed to reduce rig operating costs by providing running reliability through deep stabbing, no cross-threading and quick make-up. This connection provides sealing with coarse 3 TPI tapered hooked threads. It is immune to jump-in / jump-out.


  • Reduced running time by 30% compared with API Buttress
  • Field efficiency with deep stabbing and no cross-threading
  • Internally flush
  • No jump-in or jump-out
  • Better sealing than API Buttress with metal free dopes due to thread sealing

Unique Torque Control

  • A make-up arrestor positions the coupling accurately on the mill end.
  • Pin to pin torque shoulder for positive torque stop on the field end allows overtorque and compression resistance.

Improved Thread Design

  • Modified hook thread profile, with -9° reverse angle on the load flank and +20° on the stabbing flank which provides superior load carrying performances.
  • Increased thread taper, combined with a wider thread profile allows deep and efficient stabbing with no cross threading.
  • Increased thread pitch to reduce make-up time.
  • Jump-out free.
  • Special thread design to offer superior thread sealing performances.

Coupling Design

  • Vanishing threads, fully covered.
  • 100 % tensile efficiency for all sizes standard API Buttress OD.

Streamlined Internal Profile

  • Pins shoulder, thereby providing a smooth bore ID to minimize turbulence and energy losses.
  • Pins shoulder, thereby providing high compression resistance and immunity to jump-in.

Advanced Operational Capabilities - Reduced Operational Costs

  • High stabbing efficiency tolerant to misalignment and suppressing cross-threading.
  • Make-up torque tolerance ± 15 %.
  • No galling after repeated make-ups and break-outs.
  • Half the turns of API Buttress required for make-up

The advanced design of the DINO VAM joint was thoroughly tested on a rig and the benefits verified.