Design principles and technical features

Big Omega Casing can be delivered in ODs ranging from 14" to 26" and in lengths corresponding to API ranges 2 and 3 (including pup joints).

Big Omega is a coupled connection. The pin thread is cut directly into the pipe. The risks associated with weldon connectors are eliminated. Standard coupling ODs are identical with API; they may be increased for higher grades and larger wall thicknesses if matched internal pressure resistance is required. The standard coupling length is 10 5/8" (269,9 mm)as with API.

A further advantage of Big Omega Casing as a mill threaded pipe is its availability in the quenched and tempered condition in both API and V&M special grades. Big Omega Casing possesses the rugged V&M developed thread profile featuring :

  • 3 TPI versus Buttress 5 TPI
  • Taper 1:7.5 versus Buttress 1:12
  • Bearing flank perpendicular to thread cone
  • Stabbing flank 30?
  • Crests and roots parallel to cone
  • Thread height 0.0846 in. (2,15 mm) versus Buttress 0.062 in. (1,57 mm)

This thread stabs easily and quickly and cross-threading is practically limited. Power make-up is faster than with Buttress.( Just 2 turns after hand-tight position). An internal torque shoulder may be provided whenever high axial compression loads are to be expected.