VAM® BOLT is a flush large OD premium connection for surface casing applications. It is available in sizes from 11 7/8" to 18".  VAM BOLT offers new options for offshore operators with clearance issues, and high performance requirements, eg HPHT, or deep offshore wells.


  • Big Bore subsea wellheads
  • Surface and intermediate casing
  • Complex well designs


  • Extreme clearance
  • Excellent jump out resistance
  • Superior resistance to backout torque
  • Easy stabbing and fast make-up
  • Validated with environmentally friendly compound

VAM® BOLT main features include:

  • Two (2) metal-to-metal seals
  • Double start thread design for fast make-up
  • High sealability in extreme loads
  • Excellent mechanical properties due to rugged self-locking thread form
  • Tension Efficiency
    51-65% PBYS
  • Compression
    51 -65% PBYS
  • Internal & External Pressure
    100% PBYS
  • Bending