VAM TOP FE - Fatigue Enhanced. Threaded & Coupled Riser - Best in class for Drilling and Production to reach your next water depth down to 10000 ft.


  • Feld-proven design, in record-setting projects
  • Fatigue performance, based on full-scale test
  • Availability of higher strengths (such as 110 grade), Sour Service and High Collapse steel grades


Riser -Suface BOP

  • Highest market share in 13 3/8" SBOP projects.
  • Remarkable field records 3 000 - 10 000 ft.
  • Used for different MODU types.


Inner Riser

  • Five (5) projects in the GOM.

Riser Tubing

  • Two (2) projects in the GOM - demanding high fatigue even for tubing.


  • VAM TOP FE is rated as the best in class riser connection on the market , based on current fatigue data base and field running history.
  • The SAF* for the entire product line is expressed with < 2.5, some project-qualifications demand even superior performance.

* SAF (Stress Amplication Factor derived from full scale fatigue testing)