VAM SG is a semi-flush connection that is ideal for the 4 ½”, 5”, & 5 ½” production casing common to most Shale plays in the US. It features premium metal to metal sealing that can handle the multiple severe fracture treatment cycles and also provides gas sealing for the production phase. VAM SG brings the complete package to Shale needs.


  • A single Semi-Flush premium solution for the full string length
  • Enhanced torque and tension resistance compared to current Semi-Flush connections
  • A highly competitive solution for Shale play economics

VAM® SG main features include:

  • Metal Seal protected from rough handling
  • Mid-torque shoulder
  • Reliable running ability
    • Fit for Shale Rig handling systems
    • Deep stabbing dual step thread
  • Tension
    90-91% PBYS
  • Compression
    63-64% PBYS
  • Torque
    13,000 to 16,000 ft-lbs (5”–5 ½”)
  • Bending
    40 deg/100 ft