VAM®HP is a rugged T&C connection for heavy wall casing when maximum Internal and External Pressure resistance are required.  It is especially suited for Production Tiebacks and Production Casing in High Pressure High Temperature wells.


  • VAM®HP is specially designed for heavy wall pipes (> 0.625" wall)
  • Heavy wall casing for HPHT wells


  • Excellent gas-tight sealing
  • Mid seal for 100% external pressure resistance
  • Slim design with steep thread taper and reduced coupling OD reaching 80-100% PBYS tension rating
  • Hooked thread design providing high tension strength with excellent jump-out resistance
  • The coupling design minimizes hoop stresses, making it ideal for sour service grades
  • Tension Efficiency
    80-100% PBYS
  • Compression
    60% PBYS
  • Internal & External Pressure
    100% PBYS
  • Bending